In-Kind Donation Request Application

At Reyes Beer Division (RBD), it is one of our company’s missions to contribute to the communities in which we operate. We support a diverse group of organizations to help improve the quality of life where we do business, and to play an active role in supporting humanitarian, health, environment, cultural and educational initiatives in our communities.

Our partnerships are purposed-based, supporting causes RBD and its employees care about.

We may provide in-kind donations to registered 501(c) organizations within our territories that support our company philanthropy and cultural focuses. While we would like to be able to support all causes that are worthy, please understand that because of the demand, we often have to gracefully decline. 

Beer donation requests must meet the following criteria:

  • We limit our donations to beer (cans or bottles) only - we no longer provide financial or monetary donations
  • We donate product only (we do not provide service; bartenders, staff, etc.)
  • While exclusivity of our brands at your event isn’t required, it is our preference
  • If your event is more than 25 people, is a charity golf tournament, dinner, gala, symposium, fundraiser, or happy hour, let’s discuss sponsor benefits and our brand/company representation
  • When beer donations have been approved, the requestor will be required to pick up the product from one of our local warehouses
  • Request for donations must be submitted within at least 30 – 45 days advance notice

As a wholesaler of alcoholic beverages and our commitment to a responsible culture, RBD cannot support requests to children’s or school-related events or activities, athletic teams, sporting meets, fundraisers, etc.

Any requests that fall outside of the above requirements will be declined.

If your request meets the above guidelines, please continue to the application below. When you’ve submitted your completed application, we will send you a quick email to confirm we have received it. The Donations Team will review your application and respond to you if your request is approved.

We appreciate your understanding that requests are not guaranteed or implied to be guaranteed by submitting an application. We carefully review each submission and ensure it aligns with our company culture before making a decision.  

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us and we wish you the best of success in the future.

In-Kind Donation Request Application
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To avoid confusion, please only submit your request once.